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North American Compendiums / Administrator for Low-Risk Veterinary Health Product Program
This is my site Posted on on January 20, 2012 – 9:55 am

January 19, 2012 – North American Compendiums, in cooperation with Health Canada
and the Canadian Animal Health Institute, has developed a notification program for low-risk veterinary health products (LRVHPs) used in cats, dogs, and horses that are not  intended for food. The interim notification program applies to LRVHPs, such as  homeopathic preparations, botanicals, vitamins and minerals.

On a voluntary basis, a notifier can apply for a notification number with North American  Compendiums beginning on February 6, 2012. If the product meets the conditions of the  program, a notification number will be issued beginning March 19, 2012. Details of the  program requirements can be found on the program website at

Health Canada would not normally seek to prevent the importation, manufacture, or sale  of products duly notified through the program, unless a health risk is identified.

This Program is an interim measure intended to assess the effectiveness of a  streamlined approach to oversee LRVHPs with a view to informing the development of a  new veterinary drugs regulatory framework.

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