North American Compendiums


USA Janitorial, Sanitation and Carpet Cleaning Database

The Janitorial, Sanitation and Carpet Cleaning Database is a collection of over 6,800 Material Safety Data Sheets.

All data is product specific and listed by manufacturer and trade name. The database is updated by both distributor and manufacturer clients.

COMPAS developed this user-friendly portal to find janitorial, sanitation and carpet cleaning product material safety data sheets (MSDS) quickly and easily. Our goal is to help create a safer workplace while reducing the costs associated with MSDS compliance.

Facility Service Providers, Building Service Providers and End Users
Multi License Users, Hospitals, Carpet Cleaning Companies, Health Care Facilities, Carpet Cleaning Franchisees
Distributors and Manufacturers of Janitorial / Sanitation Products

The information is available in a variety of formats including:
Build Your Own Binder (Electronic or Hard Copy)
Web Subscription
Multi User Licenses
Special Product Offerings for Distributors and Manufacturers

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