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Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our company that will help you streamline your safety document systems. COMPAS stands for compliance pure and simple. We have been handling Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for over 10 years and continue to develop technology to offer more efficient document management systems. COMPAS offers MSDS retrieval systems in specific markets in both the United States and Canada.


COMPAS is a simple to use, electronic document retrieval system that allows subscribers to view or print safety documents as required. COMPAS makes it easy and cost effective to retrieve MSDS documents. The COMPAS document retrieval and management system ensures that the customer receives safety information quickly and conveniently. COMPAS reduces the costs associated with compliance including time, money, and paper wastage.


As a third party we amortize the cost by working with multiple clients in a single industry, allowing them to share a resource. By pooling their resources to collect, file and update MSDS, a number of clients in any one market can achieve compliance at a fraction of the cost of working individually.

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Why is Safety Compliance such a challenge?

Workplace safety legislation requires that as a condition of sale, every supplier of hazardous materials label the material in a proper manner and have it accompanied by a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). To meet compliance, chemical manufacturers and importers are required to obtain or develop an MSDS for each hazardous chemical they produce or import.

Manufacturers and distributors must make MSDS documents available when shipping and storing hazardous products. Distributors and retailers are responsible for ensuring that their customers are provided a copy of the MSDS at point of purchase, and employers must make the MSDS for each hazardous chemical in the workplace available to employees.

These safety compliance issues provide a number of challenges to manufacturers, distributors, retailers and their customers alike. In most cases, compliance means vast amounts of paper documents to be filed, photocopied, faxed or delivered. Storing, retrieving and tracking these documents can create piles of paperwork. The time and cost to manage these documents can also be considerable. So what’s the solution?

How does COMPAS make it easy?

COMPAS works from a database covering MSDS documents for specific industries. Each product MSDS is assigned a unique COMPAS document number. The COMPAS database is updated as new products or changes to existing product information is supplied by manufacturers and distributors.

The COMPAS system allows subscribers to look up, view and print MSDS documents as required.

The COMPAS system is available through software or the Internet in a variety of easy to use formats to suit specific subscriber and industry needs. The COMPAS service streamlines delivery of MSDS documents. COMPAS can build, maintain and update a complete MSDS library for any specific industry or individual company.

How do you use COMPAS?

COMPAS products are currently delivered in either CD format to be installed and run on the subscriber’s computer or retrieval through the Internet from the COMPAS site or a link from the subscriber’s site. COMPAS formats are designed to meet the needs of each subscriber and the specifics of their market. COMPAS products are designed to provide the various levels of information required by specific subscribers. Custom products and links are available on request. There are also specialized publications and supporting CDs available that are market segment specific.

Why is COMPAS superior to a fax back service?

COMPAS has been streamlining Material Safety Data Sheets and Product Labels for over ten years. One of the competitive solutions that we usually come up against is the fax back service. Although a fax back service may initially seem to be a viable, simple solution, we suggest examining the following issues before perusing this solution.

Quality of MSDS

Material Safety Data Sheets are traditionally not in very good shape due to photocopying, misplacement and faxed too many times, leading to diminished quality of the original document. COMPAS has developed a proprietary 2-column text file, maintaining eligibility while saving large amounts of space and storage.

MSDS Response Time

Hopefully it is not the case, but in a quick response situation, MSDS need to be available to employees, customers and emergency workers. These services can only guarantee a certain response time in delivering the document to the necessary personnel.

OSHA Compliance

Since a fax back service naturally creates a barrier between an employee and the MSDS, the service is questionable for compliance. If the service fails and there is no back up for that MSDS, you are not in compliance, and the employee could be in danger.

Back Up System

There are a number of situations that could occur that would leave the fax back system useless. If the fax back system does let you down, a back up system must be in place. COMPAS can supply a CD-ROM with updates to provide the location with an in-house, on-location system. We also recommend that on a timely basis that someone prints out and holds a paper copy of the MSDS database.

Total Cost

A good rule of thumb is to look at the number of times that MSDS are requested in your organization. Fax back services that are based upon a subscription fee can escalate your cost into the unknown.

Building your own MSDS vs. partnering with COMPAS?

COMPAS has invested large amounts of time, money, and research in developing what we feel is the premier MSDS management system. Building an internal system to manage this task can be unwieldy. COMPAS has been involved for over 10 years in developing and upgrading our software and service to tailor it to specific industries. We aim to save your company money by saving your company from having to reinvent the wheel. A few key areas, which usually become major problems when building your own system, are as follows:

  • Estimates for the system and its maintenance are insufficient to meet changes in the market.
  • Money, time and resources are not properly dedicated to the problem and the resulting system does not meet the goals.
  • Future changes to system are not foreshadowed resulting in software with a short life cycle.
  • The amount of time and money allocated for proper testing and development is not taken in to consideration.

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